Tony Clark and Keith Sharratt are the artistic creators behind the Captain Sir Tom Moore bronze statue. The statue is lifesized and is 5 ft 3 inch high, weighing appropriately 170 kg and is cast in bronze. This was made between April 2020 and October 2020 by Tony's overseas sculptor artist team and is now in the UK. The statue has been named 'The Walk of Hope'.
Tony and Keith created this statue so they could show everyone what they are capable of creating. They both admired Captain Sir Tom Moore for his fundraising efforts, strength of character, and his Yorkshire ties, seen as Tony is from Yorkshire. Additionally, Tony wanted to showcase this piece in his gallery, which is due to open, once lockdown is over before it gets sited somewhere.
Previously in March 2020, Tony and his overseas team created a life sized statue of Marcelo Bielsa the Leeds United Manager, made from brass and in doing so raised £9700 for the Mind charity. He started fundraising for this in March 2020 and this statue was won by a lucky Leeds United fan in a charity raffle in October. Tony was a Bali bomb survivor in 2002 and has always suffered from PTSD following this tragedy and although he was not physically hurt, mentally it affected him so he wanted to raise money for a good charitable cause. You can read about his charity contributions on his charity page on this website and read the thank you from the MIND charity, under the Blog page.
Following this Tony wanted to create something positive and during a phone call with his friend Keith in April 2020, they decided to create and commissioned a lifesize statue of Captain Sir Tom Moore, made from bronze.
Tony has been in contact with the Captain Sir Tom Moore Foundation, last summer, and they are aware of it and are in awe of it.  We reached out to Leeds Council when they were having a statue review of the city's statues in Oct 2020 and even though they thanked us and congratulated Tony on his fundraising efforts they had already two statue projects confirmed . We have reached out to Keighley Council earlier this year, as we understand that Keighley Council has made him an Honorary Freeman of Keighley and understand that once the time is right, they are planning to have a public celebration to honour Captain Sir Tom Moore and all our hardworking NHS and frontline workers.
3rd Feb 2020 Leeds Live
4th Feb 2020 The Times
4th Feb 2020 Daily Mail online which includes a 10 min video interview with Tony.
Due to the sad passing of Captain Sir Tom Moore , Tony and Keith have now decided to set a target of £60,000 to cover the costs for this statue and in doing so have agreed to donate anything above £57,000 received to The Captain Tom Foundation should they accept.Tony and Keith would also like to let the family decide where the statue should be situated should they want to do this. We have set up a Go Fund me page below,  people can search on the website by typing Captain Sir Tom Moore bronze statue or The Walk of Hope statue in the Go fund me search engine. 
The reason why we have decided to do this now, as since he has sadly passed away there seems to be lots of suspected fake fundraising pages being set up.
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