Mind Mental Health Charity

The Bronzed God Timeline Charity Raffle for Mind


September 2019 Decided to create a statue of the Leeds head coach Marcelo Bielsa with my team.

March 2020 My passion for this statue came to reality when he was finally completed, I called up Leeds United and offered them the statue to place either at Elland Road or at the Thorpe Park training ground and asked them to make a donation to charity.

April 2020 Leeds United contacted me directly and politely declined this offer for several reasons, the main reason being that Marcelo doesn't like admiration and that instead of offering it to the club would I consider putting this up for a raffle where the fans can buy a raffle ticket with a chance to win him, I thought this was a great idea and said yes. I then contacted all the local media agencies and started to sell the raffle tickets with a target of £20,000, donations were coming in fast from all the media coverage I had received locally and overseas, as far as Canada and Australia, raffle closing date set to July 2020. We decided that the mental health charity Mind would receive all the donations from the raffle.

May 2020 Kalvin Phillips agrees to raffle the statue and was granted permission from LUFC. I fixed the statue to my truck which I purchased especially for this project back in January 2020 and started to drive him around Yorkshire for the public to see him.

Donations received £6875

June 2020 Applied for a street license with LCC so I could take the Bronzed God to Leeds City Centre and promote the raffle to raise more funds, as well as driving the statue to arranged meetings at pubs, social clubs, shopping center's and non league football clubs.

Donations received £7960

July 2020 Received a call from LCC and was asked if I had a raffle license which I said no  and that I was unaware that I required one, advised that the raffle was unlawful and I could be taken to court, so I called my contact from Mind about this and they confirmed after advice and several calls that this was the case and LCC was right, they then assisted me with LCC to get this resolved as well as applying for a raffle license. After this I decided to extend the raffle so I could focus on getting everything lawful and carry on raising funds for the charity.

Donations received £9470

August 2020 Raffle license received and raffle closed. Over the months I had loads of fans ask me if they could purchase one or did I have any smaller ones available to purchase, we then decided to create King of the North (KOTN)45cm sculptures made from a mixture of metal and resin, also that they were a size that would be accepted in to most homes or gardens and at an affordable price.

Closing raffle total £9700

September 2020 I spent the most of this month sorting out the terms and conditions for my raffle license with Mind and satisfying Leeds City Council with the raffle so my case could be closed, as I still had to provide details of the system I would use to draw the winners. Launched the website and pre sale of the KOTN sculptures. 

October 2020 Announced that the raffle draw date would be the 31st of October and will still be drawn with Kalvin Phillips. Cancelled the first batch of KOTN due to some design problems and quality issues, new design approved by myself and production began.

November 2020 Winners announced