My Story

On the 12th October 2002 my life was ripped from underneath my feet and I was thrown into what seemed like hell, mentally and physically. The Bali bombings attack left 202 people dead and injured many more, altering the course of many people's lives forever. I was in the middle of what looked like a war zone, something you would see on TV, in a movie or documentary.  Everything was black and red. At that moment I knew it was a terrorist act. What I witnessed was horrific and will stay with me for the rest of my life. I had a choice and I had seconds to make up my mind, fight or flight. I chose to fight by helping others and putting my own life on the front line. Although this incident was 18 years ago, it never leaves you, it never leaves my mind.




I was originally going to auction a life size BRONZED STATUE,  which is made from BRASS and weighs approximately 75KG, to the highest bidder. However, I have decided instead to RAFFLE this sculpture and give someone the chance to win him. The raffle ended in August 2020 and I raised a total of £9734.18 which has been donated to the mental health charity MIND.

The club LUFC  has given me hope, desire, drive, passion and a sanctuary for me to go to throughout the last thirteen years, since I really started to follow football and follow my home town club. And more so now than ever, with the vision and drive from Andrea and Marcelo. This way a lucky fan can admire this piece and understand the story behind it and that there is hope after disaster. 

My story doesn't end here and this is just a small part of my life. I would like to one day write an Autobiography and I'm hoping this will one day push me to do this, in doing so show people that are suffering with mental health issues that there is hope and to never give in. To just make small steps and be positive, to not look at others as greater or better people, to understand we all come and leave the same way, not to run away and bury things, but to talk about things instead and be open with a friend, family or a stranger, to not be scared and try to keep social media under control.