Captain Sir Tom Moore Bronze Statue "The Walk Of Hope"

Looking for a permanent location 

22nd February 2022

Sorry for not updating everyone regarding The Walk of Hope statue. However, I write this update with a heavy heart as I am still not able to complete what we started out in 2020 and 2021. I updated my Go Fund Me page in late summer last year, explaining that the family are looking at other ways to commemorate their father.

Most people know that I was involved in commissioning a bronze statue in 2020, that was later to be named ‘The Walk of Hope’. We all know that what Captain Sir Tom did was very special and he was genuine with his fundraising efforts and had a heart of gold, he did this at a time when we all needed hope.  

I now know that this is not how these things are actioned and the mistake I made was to commission a statue without raising funds for it first, or secure a location for it to be sited, which has made this ordeal even more challenging. But in the end, all I wanted to do was create something special, which we did, and in doing so have it positioned potentially somewhere where people can pay their respects and admire it.

This journey has been really hard and testing for me and my family. I have been made many false promises along the way by various people, which after a very long period of time never materialised into anything. Unfortunately, these empty promises and hopes were dragged out over several months and I believe this was done to delay what I wanted to achieve. This was also one of the reasons why I halted the fundraising efforts and left the page I set up on gofundme.

I am a working class man and always wear my heart on my sleeve. Although, at times I struggle to portray my emotions, which is due to my past mental health issues. This is not an excuse or a cry for sympathy, as I know many others are also not in a good place. Yet, I never expected or thought this would be as challenging as it has been for me or my family.

My wishes are now to draw a conclusion to this and hopefully have a positive outcome. I am left with a bronze statue that needs a permanent site, that is owned by a private business or person. This site ideally will be somewhere that the public can access to view, preferably in Yorkshire, better still in Keighley where he was from. But I am open to ideas, please contact me if anyone has any suggestions.  I just want to close this chapter in my life but equally see this piece go somewhere suitable.

I will still donate 10% of anything I’ve raised to The Veterans Charity Registered Charity no 1123149.


The below article was posted in February 2021.

The life-size sculpture of the late Captain Sir Tom Moore, which has received national media attention and  was unveiled  on ITV's This Morning TV show with Phil and Holly back in February  is the centrepiece for public viewing in the shop. Aptly named, ‘The Walk of Hope’ the bronze statue signifies the courage and strength of character of Captain Sir Tom.

The Walk of Hope’ was commissioned in April 2020 and arrived in the UK late November 2020. A team of overseas artisans took approximately 3 months to complete the 5 foot 3inch (160cm), 385Ibs (175kg) statue made out of bronze. Bradford Council was leading a campaign to get it moved to Keighley. However, the council consulted with the family in July 2021 and unfortunately the family are looking at different ways to commemorate their late father. Clark Sculptures would still like it to be sited somewhere in Keighley so people can go and pay their respects. Money is being raised to cover the cost of this statue through Go Fund Me. I will also donate 10% of any amount to the below chari

The Veterans Charity Registered Charity no 1123149.

“ Captain Sir Tom Moore gave so many people so much hope in a bad time and he definitely inspired me. I hope this statue helps to immortalise him so that people can see him for what he did and when he did it. Hopefully, what we have created captures that moment and the part of his life that gave everybody hope”. Tony Clark Artistic Creator and Director of Money is being raised via a Go Fund Me webpage-


Tony Clark